Gender Equality

Promoting gender equality among researchers is one of NeuroCure's declared objectives. Women are still underrepresented at higher academic levels. To counteract this, NeuroCure has developed special support measures based on the equality strategies of its partner organizations to sustainably increase the proportion of female scientists in higher academic positions. NeuroCure takes into account family circumstances and supports both female and male scientists in combining work and family. 

With the aim of achieving a balanced gender ratio in leadership positions, NeuroCure has successfully implemented the following measures and programs:

Through NeuroCure's successful strategy, the proportion of female principal investigators within the Cluster has more than doubled from 12% to 27%.


Overview of percentage of women at NeuroCure:
as of March 2017
Principal Investigators
(Professors and Junior Group Leaders) 
Research Associates
Doctoral Students
Non-Academic Staff 86%









For more information on the gender equality programs of NeuroCure’s university partner institutions: