McGill University awards Emmanuelle Charpentier


McGill University in Montreal is set to award honorary doctorates to fourteen outstanding individuals as part of their Spring Convocation, which will be held May 28 through June 5, 2019. The awards are an opportunity to recognize the leadership of exceptional individuals from different continents who have made significant contributions to their disciplines, and to society as a whole.
A Nobel Prize-winning mathematician, an extraordinary entrepreneur, an exceptional jazz improviser and an advocate for agricultural reform in Africa are among the exceptional men and women being celebrated this year. What unites this varied group is a dedication to improving the lives of others, whether through research, art, public service, or philanthropy.
Included in this year’s prestigious group of honorees is the scientist Emmanuelle Charpentier, known for her work in microbiology, genetics and biochemistry. Among her many accomplishments, Charpentier is the Founding and Acting Director of the Max Planck Unit for the Science of Pathogens, and a member of the NeuroCure Cluster of Excellence.
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