One million euros for research on the brain and nutritional behavior


How our brain functions in adulthood can already be influenced by environmental factors during pregnancy. Besides known influencing factors such as cigarette and alcohol consumption, the mother's diet seems to play a decisive role. 

Using mouse models Dr. Rachel Lippert investigates how maternal nutrition affects the formation and interaction of nerve cells and shapes the behavior of the offspring up to adulthood. For this purpose, the DIfE junior researcher will receive one million euros from the Leibniz Association within the funding program "Leibniz-Best Minds - Junior Research Groups" for the next five years.

Source: Press Release DIfE

Interview with Rachel Lippert

Dr. Rachel Lippert
Head of the Junior Research Group Neurocircuit Development and Function
NeuroCure Researcher
Tel.: +49 33200 88 - 2470
Email: rachel.lippert(at)

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