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Participating NeuroCure PIs

Collaborative Research Centres

SFB 740: From Molecules to Modules: Organisation and Dynamics of Functional Units in Cells
Spokesperson(s): C. Spahn
University: Charité with HU/ FU and MDC, FMP, MPI
2007 - 2018 V. Haucke, T. J. Jentsch, P.-M. Kloetzel, C. Spahn, E. Wanker
SFB 665: Developmental disturbances in the nervous system
Spokesperson(s): C. Rosenmund
University: Charité with HU/ FU and MDC
2005 - 2017 C. Birchmeier, M. Brecht, H. Kettenmann, G. Lewin, C. Rosenmund, C. Scharff, D. Schmitz, M. Schülke, S. Sigrist, V. Tarabykin
SFB 650: Cellular approaches to the suppression of unwanted immune reactions - from bench to bedside
Sprecher: H.D. Volk
Hochschule: Charité mit HU/ FU und DRFZ, MPI
2005-2016 A. Radbruch, F. Heppner
SFB 642: GTP and ATP-dependent membrane processes
Spokesperson(s): K. Gerwert
University: Uni Bochum (MPI Dortmand)
2004-2016 E. Neuhaus
SFB 633: Induction and modulation of T-cell mediated immune responses in the gastrointestinal tract
Spokesperson(s): B. Siegmund
University: Charité with HU/ FU and MPI, DRFZ, MDC, DIFE
2003-2015 A. Radbruch
SFB 618: Theoretical biology: Robustness, modularity and evolutionary design of living systems
Spokesperson(s): P. Hammerstein
University: HU with MDC, DRFZ, DKFZ, MPI
2002-2013 M. Brecht, A. Radbruch, D. Schmitz, S. Sigrist, E. Wanker
SFB 577: Molecular basis of clinical variability in Mendelian disorders
Spokesperson(s): S. Mundlos
University: Charité with HU/ FU and MDC, MPI
2001-2009 A. Grüters-Kieslich, E. Wanker
SFB 554: Mechanism and Evolution of Arthropod Behavior
Spokesperson(s): M. Heisenberg
Hochschule: Uni Würzburg 
2000-2010 S. Sigrist
SFB 523: Transport of proteins and membranes between cellular compartments
Spokesperson(s): F. Melchior
University: Uni Göttingen (MPI Göttingen, etc.)
1996-2008 V. Haucke, C. Rosenmund
SFB 507: The role of non-ceuronal cells in neurological diseases
Spokesperson(s): U. Dirnagl
University: Charité with HU/ FU and MPI, MDC
1995-2007 U. Dirnagl, K. Einhäupl, M. Endres, U. Heinemann, H. Kettenmann, P.-M. Kloetzel,  J. Priller
SFB 505: Neuronal differentiation and neurotransmission
Spokesperson(s): M. Frotscher
University: Uni Freiburg and Uniklinik Freiburg
1995-2007 J. Geiger
SFB 449: Structure and function of membrane-integral receptors
Spokesperson(s): V. Haucke
University: FU and RKI, FMP, MDC
1999-2010 V. Haucke, G. Lewin
SFB 421: Protective and pathological results of antigen processing
Spokesperson(s): P.-M. Kloetzel
University: Charité with HU/ FU and RKI, FMP, MPI, DRFZ
1999-2008 P.-M. Kloetzel, A. Meisel, A. Radbruch

Transregional Collaborative Research Centres

TRR 36: Principles and Applications of Adoptive T Cell Therapy
Spokesperson(s): T. Blankenstein
University: Charité with HU/ FU and TU München, LMU
2006-2018 A. Radbruch
TRR 23: Vascular Differentiation and Remodelling
Spokesperson(s): H. Augustin
University: Uni Heidelberg with Uni Frankfurt am Main and DKFZ
2005-2017 P. Vajkoczy
TRR 52: Transcriptional programming of individual T cell subsets
Spokesperson(s): E. Serfling
University: Uni Würzburg with Uni Mainz, Charité and DRFZ, RKI, MDC
2008-2013 A. Radbruch
TRR 43: The brain as a target of inflammatory processes
Spokesperson(s): F. Heppner
University: Charité with HU/ FU and Göttingen (MPI Göttingen and MDC Berlin)
2008-2016 U. Dirnagl, M. Endres, F. Heppner, H. Kettenmann, S. Lehnardt, A. Meisel, J. Priller
TRR 19: Inflammatory cardiomyopathy - molecular pathogenesis and therapy 
Spokesperson(s): H.-P. Schultheiss
University: Charité with HU/ FU, Uni Greifswald, Uni Tübingen
2004-2013 P.-M. Kloetzel
TRR 3: Mesial temporal lobe epilepsies
Spokesperson(s): C. Steinhäuser
University: Uni Bonn with Charité, etc.
2001-2013 U. Heinemann

Graduate Schools


Research Training Groups

GRK 1258: The impact of inflammation on nervous system function
Spokesperson(s): H. Kettenmann
University: HU/ FU
2006-2013 H. Kettenmann
GRK 1208: Hormonal Regulation of Energy Metabolism, Body Weight and Growth
Spokesperson(s): A. Grüters-Kieslich, J. Köhrle
University: HU/ FU with DIFE
2005-2014 A. Grüters-Kieslich
GRK 1123: Cellular Mechanisms of Learning and Memory Consolidation in the Hippocampal Formation
Spokesperson(s): U. Heinemann, D. Schmitz
University: Charité, FU, HU
2005-2014 J. Geiger, V. Haucke, U. Heinemann, D. Schmitz, S. Sigrist, Y. Winter 
GRK 1121: Genetic and Immunologic Determinants of Pathogen-Host-Interactions
Spokesperson(s): R. Lucius
University: HU with MPI, DRFZ, IZW, RKI, etc.
2005-2014 U. Dirnagl, F. Heppner, A. Radbruch

Research Units

FOR 1617: Learning and Habitisation as Predictors of the Development and Maintenance of Alcoholism 2012-2018 A. Heinz
FOR 1341: Barrel Cortical Function
Spokesperson(s): H. Luhmann, F. Helmchen
Partner: SNF
2009-2015 M. Brecht, J. Poulet
FOR 1336: From monocytes to brain macrophages - conditions influencing the fate of myeloid cells in the brain
Spokesperson(s): M. Prinz, J. Priller
2009-2015 J. Priller
FOR 806: Interfering with intracellular protein-protein interactions – probing protein functions with small molecules
Spokesperson(s): H. Oschkinat, C. Freud
2007-2014 V. Haucke
FOR 748: Neuronal and glial P2 receptors; molecular basis and functional significance
Spokesperson(s): T. Schöneberg, G. Schmalzig
2007-2014 H. Kettenmann
FOR 667: Epithelial Mechanisms in Renal Volume Regulation
Spokesperson(s): S. Bachmann, T. Willnom, M. Bader
2005-2011 T. J. Jentsch
FOR 475: Formation and Stability of beta-Sheets
Spokesperson(s): R. Seckler
2002-2009 E. Wanker
FOR 427: Pathogenesis of Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 3 (SCA3)
Spokesperson(s): T. Klockgether
2001-2008 E. Wanker

Clinical Research Units

KFO 218: Hormonal regulation of body weight maintenance
Spokesperson(s): A. Grüters-Kieslich
2009-2015 A. Grüters-Kieslich, J.-D. Haynes
KFO 213: Magnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles for Cellular and Molecular Magnetic Resonance Imaging
Spokesperson(s): B. Hamm
2008-2014 M. Endres
KFO 105: Growth Control of Neoplastic B-Cells: Tumor Biology and Molecular Therapies
Spokesperson(s): B. Dörken
2001-2008 A. Radbruch

Priority Programmes

SPP 1468: Osteoimmunology – IMMUNOBONE – A program to unravel the mutual interactions between the immune system and bone
Spokesperson(s): G. Schett
2010-2017 A. Radbruch
SPP 1394: Mast-cells – promoters of health and modulators of disease
Spokesperson(s): M. Maurer, T. Biedermann
2010-2016 F. Heppner
SPP 1365: The regulatory and functional network of ubiquitin family proteins
Spokesperson(s): W. Dubiel
2008-2014 P.-M. Kloetzel
SPP 1313: Biological responses to nanoscale particles (Bio-Nano-Responses)
Spokesperson(s): R. Zellner
2007-2015 V. Haucke
SPP 1190: The tumor – vessel interface
Spokesperson(s): H. Augustin
2006-2012 F. Heppner, P. Vajkoczy
SPP 1172: The Significance of Neuroglia for the Formation, Function and Plasticity of Synapses
Spokesperson(s): J. W. Deitmer
2004-2010 H. Kettenmann
SPP 1111: Cell Polarity
Spokesperson(s): M. Hülskamp
2001-2007 S. Sigrist

Einstein Foundation


 Einstein Research Projects

 Functional Role of Feedback in Sensory Representation 2016-2018 U. Dirnagl
The role of dendritic cells in presenting tumor and autoimmune epitopes produced by proteasomal peptide splicing 2014-2016 P. Kloetzel
Role of VEGF for post-stroke vascular repair, angiogenesis and neural recovery 2013-2016 P. Vajkoczy
Somatosensorische Virtuelle Realität für die Gehirnforschung 2013-2015  Y. Winter
Aufklärung neurogenetischer Krankheiten mittels Homozygotiekartierung und Next Generation Sequenzierungstechnologien 2011-2013 M. Schülke-Gerstenfeld 


Heisenberg fellowship: Molecular pathways controlling cell type specification in the cerebral cortex 2008-2011 V. Tarabykin
Heisenberg fellowship: Pathophysiology of Cerebral Ischemia 2002-2005 M. Endres
Heisenberg fellowship: Physiology 1999-2003 C. Rosenmund
Emmy Noether Programme: Synaptic Activation of Ligand-transduced Receptors in Hippocampal Neurons 1999-2008 D. Schmitz