NeuroCure Female Postdoctoral Research Fellowships

From 2011-2018 NeuroCure funded Female Postdoctoral Research Fellowships to promote advanced female researchers with a strong interest in continuing their career towards an independent faculty position. Two-year fellowships with the option of a one-year extension included funds for personnel, consumables and small investments to provide early independence. In addition, NeuroCure offered fellowship recipients support for childcare as well as participation in the 12-month Charité Mentoring Competence Center for female scientists. 50% of these scientists have since gone on to lead their own independent research groups, while others continue to make important scientific contributions in other sectors.

Awarded Fellowships

Natalia Kononenko

Natalia Kononenko's research focuses on neurotrophin signalling, endocytic trafficking, and neurodegeneration. In 2016 Dr. Kononenko moved to the Cluster of Excellence CECAD at the University of Cologne to head a junior research group.

Nevena Milenkovic Zujko

Nevena Milenkovic Zujko's research investigates the neural basis of thermal processing and perception in a transgenic mammalian model system, the mouse forepaw.

Ulrike Pannasch

Ulrike Pannasch's research focuses on the interplay between astrocytes and neurons during synaptic transmission and plasticity. In November 2015 Dr. Pannasch was recruited as Scientific Coordinator by the College for Life Sciences Berlin.

Miranka Wirth

Miranka Wirth's research investigates neurophysiological mechanisms and determinants of brain and cognitive health. Dr. Wirth now leads a research group on brain resilience at the DZNE in Dresden.

Anna Carbone

Anna Carbone's research seeks to elucidate the biophysical mechanisms governing the activity and interaction of AMPAR-TARP complexes, and to investigate the role of AMPARs and TARPs in synaptic plasticity and disease. In August 2017 Anna Carbone moved to Hamburg to work as a scientist at Evotec.

Tamar Dugladze

Tamar Dugladze's research focuses on the mechanisms of signal flow in the nervous system, and the relevance of these mechanisms in the genesis of seizures and epilepsy.

Tatiana Korotkova

Tatiana Korotkova's project focuses on the interactions between subgroups of hypothalamic neurons as well as the regulation of hypothalamic circuits by cortical afferents. In 2017 Dr. Korotkova moved to Cologne to head a research group at the MPI Institute for Biology of Ageing.

Veronica Witte

Veronica Witte's project investigates whether caloric restriction or other dietary modifications can improve cognitive functions and surrogate markers of beginning cognitive decline in healthy elderly subjects, and in patients with mild cognitive impairment (MCI). In 2014 Dr. Witte moved to Leipzig to head a research group at the MPI for Human Cognitive and Brain Sciences.