Mental Health and Conflict Support

A career in science can be rewarding, but it can also test emotional and physical limits. Moreover, a safe and fair working environment is not only a basic right, but also an essential condition for doing our best work. The resources below offer valuable support for mental health; good scientific practice and conflict resolution; and sexual harassment or discrimination in the workplace.
Mental Health  

Guide for Supporting Mental Health during Pandemics

MediCoach at the Charité

Scholar Minds mental health network

Psychological counseling service of the Freie Universität Berlin

Psychological counseling service of the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin

Dragonfly Mental Health


Good scientific practice and conflict resolution

Charité statute ensuring good scientific practice

Research integrity and what to do in case of conflict

Charité ombudspersons


Sexual harrassment and discrimination

For confidential, anonymous advice, contact :

Tel .: (030) 450 577 252 Office of Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities (all employees, students)
Tel .: (030) 450 529 189 MediCoach (students)
Tel .: (030) 450 570 580 Central office for protection against violence (all employees)


Resources at the Charité:

Note: Some documents below are currently available only in German. If you do not read German, please contact the Office of Women's Affairs and Equal Opportunities (above) for assistance.

(Procedure in the event of damage / injury / harm)
(Consultation process for sexual harassment complaints)
(Guidelines for the prevention and handling of sexual harassment at the Charité- Universitätsmedizin Berlin)
(FAQs on Germany's General Act on Equal Treatment)

Legal assistance (trusted lawyer of the Charité)