NCRC Structure

NCRC Structure
The NCRC consists of the NCRC office, the NCRC investigators, the NCRC core investigators, and its steering committee, the NCRC board.

NCRC Board
The NCRC board, as the governing body of the NCRC, forms the interface between the NCRC office, NCRC investigators, NCRC core investigators, and the NeuroCure board of directors. It consists of six members. These members elect the spokesperson and the medical head of the NCRC.

NCRC Board Members:
Prof. Dr. Matthias Endres (Spokesperson)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinz
Prof. Dr. Andrea Kühn
PD. Dr. med. Tanja Schmitz-Hübsch (Administrative Head)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel (Medical Head)
Prof. Dr. Friedemann Paul
Prof. Dr. Florian Schlagenhauf

NCRC Administrative Office
The NCRC office supports researchers in planning, administering, and conducting their studies. It also takes care of the overall NCRC infrastructure, offering a variety of services. In addition to communicating with the NCRC board and the NCRC researchers, the NCRC office is in regular contact with the NeuroCure office and the Clinical Tial Office (CTO) of the Charité.

NCRC Investigators
NCRC investigators are project or study leaders who conduct studies in and with the NCRC. Thereby, they receive comprehensive NCRC support (resources/services). All NCRC investigators as a whole represent the NCRC's community of interest. NeuroCure PIs as well as clinicians and scientists from all neuroscientific disciplines (e.g. neurology, neurosurgery, and psychiatry) can request support for projects and clinical studies at the NCRC.

NCRC Core Investigators
As NCRC core investigators, some of the NCRC investigators take on core structural tasks in the NCRC, in close cooperation and regular exchange with the NCRC office and the NCRC board. The core investigators are actively involved in the NCRC's quality management system, and with their experience provide expertise and, if necessary, further support, especially with regard to conducting clinical studies. They also assume responsibility for the NCRC infrastructure. Core investigators are appointed by the NCRC board.

NCRC Core Investigators:
Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel
Prof. Dr. Friedemann Paul
Prof. Dr. Florian Schlagenhauf