BrainLab Data Warehouse

Due to the extreme severity of their illness and an associated risk of life-threatening complications seriously ill patients in Stroke and Neurointensive Care Units require continuous monitoring. To keep constant watch on their vitals, numerous physiological parameters -- such as blood pressure, heart rate, respiration, cerebral pressure, hemodynamics and electrical activity (via EEG and ECG) -- are continuously checked and recorded by means of intensive (neuro)monitoring. Using virtual servers at the Charité, the BrainLab Data Warehouse Connect (DWC) system enables long-term storage and real-time analysis of the high-resolution, large-volume data collected through this ongoing Monitoring.

For research purposes, artificial intelligence technologies such as machine learning and deep learning models are being used to sift and examine this wealth of data. The aim is to better understand the physiological and pathophysiological underpinnings of acute, life-threatening illnesses of the peripheral and central nervous systems; this includes diseases and conditions such as stroke, autoimmune disease, subarachnoid hemorrhage, craniocerebral trauma, and the brain damage often resulting from cardiovascular Arrest.

The results of this research will go towards improving diagnoses and therapies for patients suffering from critical neurological and neurosurgical diseases. It will also provide information that could lead to more timely prediction and treatment of these diseases and their complications, thus pointing towards better prognoses and long-term outcomes.