Brain Stimulation: Brain stimulation and intensive training in the rehabilitation of chronic motor paresis and chronic aphasia following stroke

Study Description:
In these projects, patients who have suffered paralysis (motor paresis) or a language disorder (aphasia) following stroke were examined through intensive physiotherapeutic training as well as a combination of physiotherapeutic training and transcranial direct current stimulation or through highly intensive individually customized naming training as well as a combination of intensive naming training and transcranial direct current stimulation. At the same time, the underlying mechanisms were recorded through structural and functional imaging techniques (as well as single-pulse transcranial magnet stimulation).

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. Agnes Flöel (WG Cognitive Neurology, NCRC, CSB, Neurology CCM)

Registration: This study is registered int the database (NCT01221779).

Course of the study: 05/2012 - 02/2015

Breitenstein, C., T. Grewe, A. Floel, W. Ziegler, L. Springer, P. Martus, W. Huber, K. Willmes, E. B. Ringelstein, K. G. Haeusler, S. Abel, R. Glindemann, F. Domahs, F. Regenbrecht, K. J. Schlenck, M. Thomas, H. Obrig, E. de Langen, R. Rocker, F. Wigbers, C. Ruhmkorf, I. Hempen, J. List, A. Baumgaertner, and Fcet Ec study group. "Intensive Speech and Language Therapy in Patients with Chronic Aphasia after Stroke: A Randomised, Open-Label, Blinded-Endpoint, Controlled Trial in a Health-Care Setting." Lancet 389, no. 10078 (Apr 15 2017): 1528-38. Link