EVIDIMS: Vitamin D in multiple sclerosis

Study Description:
In this study, we investigated whether the regular high-dose intake of vitamin D positively impacts the clinical course and various MRI parameters in patients with relapsing-remitting MS or even clinically isolated syndrom. A number of studies suggest that the blood level of vitamin D can influence both the disease risk and course of MS. However, it is unclear whether this also applies to the intake of vitamin D. A unique feature of this study was that, in contrast to the more frequent placebo-controlled trials, two different dosages of vitamin D are compared. This means that all study participants received vitamin D. Participation was open to male and female patients who have received MS treatment with interferon-β1b for at least the last three months. The study drug was taken orally every two days over a period of 1.5 years and was very well tolerated. Treatment with interferon-β1b was continued during the study. Patients were seen and examined regularly in the study outpatient clinic.

Principle Investigators: Dr. Jan Dörr (Clinical Neuroimmunology, NCRC)

Registration: This study is registered in the database clinicaltrials.gov (NCT01440062).

Course of the study: 01/2012 - 06/2017

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