MAS-I: Managing Aftercare for Stroke - A longitudinal, complex, interventional study in post-rehabilitation stroke patients

Study Description:
After discharge from hospital the current healthcare system in Germany allows considerable flexibility (therefore complexity) of patient access and mobility between multiple care providers in the community setting. We believed this aftercare could be better coordinated by a specialized coordinated stroke aftercare service. Comprehensive coordinated multidisciplinary care is a proven concept with proven benefits in both acute and rehabilitation care provided in stroke units and neurorehabilitation centres. In MAS approach we postulated that a similar coordinated approach to care can be extended to the phase after in-patient rehabilitation has ended (i.e. “long-term management” as opposed to “early supported discharge”) for disabled patients with stroke living in the community. In this second step of the MAS project we assessed the feasibility of integrated post-stroke care and estimated it’s effect size on quality of life (phase MAS-II). The ultimate aim of the complete MAS project (MAS I, II & III) was the development of a model of stroke aftercare delivery that can be evaluated to estimate effects in both our local and the wider stroke population.

Contact: Dr. Benjamin Hotter benjamin.hotter(at)

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel (WG Cerebrovascular Diseases, NCRC, CSB, Neurology CCM)

Registration: This study is registered in the database (NCT02320994).

Course of the study: 11/2015 - 12/2015

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