MAS-II: Management of stroke aftercare: A longitudinal study on complex interventions in post-rehabilitative stroke patients

Study Description:
Studies and clinical experience from everyday life show that people affected by stroke have very specific and different secondary symptoms - even in the long term. A needs-based development and implementation of a long-term and comprehensive stroke therapy does not take place in the experienced reality of many stroke patients. This is where the research project "Managing Aftercare for Stroke" MAS (MAS I, II & III) comes in.

The MAS II study examined the possibilities of implementing a comprehensive and long-term care concept and its influence on the quality of life of stroke patients after the inpatient care and rehabilitation phase. The aim of the MAS project was to develop a guideline that can serve as orientation for the further outpatient care of stroke patients in the future.

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel (AG Cerebrovascular Diseases, NCRC, CSB, Neurology CCM)

Registration: This study is registered in the database (NCT03097146).

Course of the study: 04/2017- 10/2020