AON-S: Acute Optic Neuritis Study

Study Description:

The AON study is a prospective observational study evaluating individuals with acute optic nerve inflammation (optic neuritis). Optic neuritis is the most common initial symptom in multiple sclerosis, but also in antibody-mediated diseases, such as neuromyelitis optic spectrum disease (NMOSD) and MOG-IgG associated disease (MOGAD). All the above-mentioned diseases require different therapies. Early diagnosis of the underlying disease is therefore of high clinical importance. The aim of the AON study is to perform a comprehensive characterization of acute optic neuritis using clinical examinations, laboratory chemistry analyses, imaging techniques (magnetic resonance imaging [MRI], optical coherence tomography [OCT]) and patient questionnaires on health status and lifestyle. The aim is to further develop automated diagnostic methods and identify markers that can improve the diagnosis of optic neuritis. In addition, risk factors for the course of the disease will be identified. Early diagnosis is crucial for therapy decisions and long-term treatment success.


Neuroimmunology Outpatient Study Unit
Phone: +49 30 450 539040

Principal Investigators:

Dr. med. Susanna Asseyer
Prof. Dr. med. Friedemann Paul

Duration of the study:

15 years follow-up after subject inclusion


German Clinical Trials Registry (DRKS) DRKS00027095