Study Description:
The DISC study is being implemented to examine functional areas of the brain that are still poorly understood. As part of this study, functional analyses are done on patients during an awake craniotomy, a neurosurgical technique and type of craniotomy that is sometimes done while the patient is fully conscious (wake phases). For example, during such operations near the language centre of the brain, the study participants might be given questions to answer or be shown various pictures and asked to name them. Depending on the area of operation, the study participant may also be asked to move a body part or report an emotion or sensation. Such tests help illuminate the extent to which certain brain tissues can be removed without subjects experiencing a change of function such as loss of speech or restrictions in movement. With this knowledge, more detailed demarcations of important functional areas of the brain can be made, which thus allows for more precise and effective removal of diseased tissue.

Dr. med. Katharina Faust Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin
E-Mail: katharina.faust(at)charite.de

Principle Investigators: Dr. med. Katharina Faust, Prof. Dr. med. Peter Vajkoczy, Prof. Dr. John-Dylan Haynes, Prof. Dr. Michael Brecht  

Course of the study: 09/2019