The causes of febrile seizure

Study Description:
Three to five percent of all people have a febrile seizure at least once in their lives. Despite the frequency of this disease, the pathophysiological and genetic causes are still unexplained. Based upon investigations on an animal model, which suggests disrupted respiratory regulation as a possible cause, we are conducting a clinical study in which we are testing this hypothesis on humans. In the study, children are continually monitored during the night after a febrile seizure, as regards their breathing rate, body temperature, oxygen saturation and carbon dioxide partial pressure. Children who have fever but have not suffered a febrile seizure serve as a control group.

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. M. Schülke-Gerstenfeld (WG Developmental Disorders of the Nervous System, NCRC, Pediatrics CVK)

Registration: The study is registered in (NCT01906619)