Study Description:
This study focuses on magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) using a 7-Tesla MRI scanner. With this powerful 7T-MRI, it is possible to capture images of the highest spatial resolution without producing any known side effects. This scanner is ideal for imaging the brain and the optic nerve, providing detailed information regarding damage to these important structures of our central nervous system (CNS). The aim of this study is to investigate specific changes in the brain (often referred to as inflammatory foci or lesions) in various inflammatory and non-inflammatory diseases. Another part of the study could explore connections to visual perception, transmission, and processing via the optical conduction systems, thus opening a route towards gaining a better understanding of how such processes coincide with structural changes in the brain.

Principle Investigator: Prof. Dr. med. Friedemann Paul) (head of the Clinical Neuroimmunology group at NCRC)

Course of the study: 03/2018