NeuProg: Registered Study on Neuroprognostics in Patients with Neurological / Neurosurgical Diseases in the Intensive Care Unit and/or Monitoring Ward

Study Description:
The individual prognosis of patients with neurological or neurosurgical diseases plays a decisive role during acute treatment in the intensive care unit, and remains important throughout any remaining course of treatment. Many of these patients spend long amounts of time (often many months) in the intensive care unit without any sizable change in the condition of their illness. Likewise, there are often a number of typical complications that make it difficult to predict the individual course of the disease.

An early and reliable long-term prognosis would considerably facilitate therapy decisions in the neurological intensive care unit against the background of conditions specific to each individual (e.g. the presumed will of the patient). With the current clinical parameters and diagnostic criteria available, however, satisfactory predictions regarding such individual courses are hard to come by.

The aim of this study is to develop early prognostic markers for the later therapeutic success of patients with the help of data from standard care (e.g. the use of patient monitoring data) and with additional study-related measures, such as blood and spinal fluid examinations, electrophysiology and magnetic resonance imaging.

This concerns patients who have to be treated in the neurological intensive care unit and/or the monitoring unit due to severe acute neurological/neurosurgical conditions (e.g. stroke, cerebral hemorrhage, brain damage due to oxygen deficiency as a result of cardiovascular arrest, inflammatory diseases of the nervous system, craniocerebral trauma, brain tumors).

Principal Investigators: Prof. Dr. Andreas Meisel and Dr. Franziska Scheibe

Registration: The study is registered in DRKS (DRKS00025259)

Course of the study: 03/2021