The members of the Cluster of Excellence are basic scientists and clinicians based at the partner institutions. Together they form the NeuroCure members' assembly, which elects the board of directors and coordinator. The board of directors is responsible for the strategic direction and general decisions regarding the Cluster. The coordinator represents NeuroCure and its interests, and implements the structural objectives of the Cluster in cooperation with the managing director. The NeuroCure office is responsible for appointment procedures, finances, personnel, equal opportunity, public relations, and outreach.

Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Dietmar Schmitz 
Deputy Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl (2019-2025), Prof. Dr. Andrea Kühn (2026-2032)
Managing Director: Dr. Claudia Mahlke

Board of Directors:
Prof. Dr. Carmen Birchmeier (MDC)
Prof. Dr. Michael Brecht (HU)
Prof. Dr. Ulrich Dirnagl (Charité)
Prof. Dr. Andreas Heinz (Charité)
Prof. Dr. Andrea Kühn (Charité)
Dr. Claudia Mahlke (Charité)
Prof. Dr. Christian Rosenmund (Charité)
Prof. Dr. Dietmar Schmitz (Charité)
Prof. Dr. Stephan Sigrist (FU)