Research Areas

NeuroCure's research focuses on neurological and psychiatric disorders. Rather than investigating a specific brain disease, NeuroCure aims to understand the physiological and pathophysiological mechanisms common across multiple disorders in order to develop successful therapies. Our cross-thematic, pathophysiology-oriented approach facilitates collaborations between basic and clinical scientists in seven research areas.
NeuroCure is currently applying for further funding within the Excellence Strategy of the German federal and state governments. The Cluster’s future research concept will be published here in the near future.

A ⁞ Mechanisms of damage

Coordinators: Endres, Kloetzel
Principal Investigators: Dirnagl, Geiger, Heinemann, Heppner, Kettenmann, Kühn, Meisel, Paul, Priller, Schroeder, Schülke-Gerstenfeld, Vajkoczy, Villringer, Wanker

B ⁞ Endogenous neuroprotection

Coordinators: Dirnagl, Flöel
Principal Investigators: Endres, Heinz, Heppner, Kettenmann, Meisel, Priller, Vajkoczy

C ⁞ Regeneration

Coordinators: Eickholt, Priller
Principal Investigators: Birchmeier, Dirnagl, Endres, Esplugues, Flöel, Heppner, Kettenmann, Lehnardt, Meisel, Scharff, Vajkoczy, Villringer, Wanker

D ⁞ Crosstalk between nervous and immune system

Coordinators: Heppner, Meisel
Principal Investigators: Dirnagl, Esplugues, Kettenmann, Kloetzel, Lehnardt, Paul, Priller, Radbruch, Vajkoczy

E ⁞ Developmental disturbances

Coordinators: Grüters-Kieslich, Sigrist
Principal Investigators: Birchmeier, Brecht, Eickholt, Geiger, Grantyn, Haucke, Haynes, Heim, Heinemann, Heinz, Jentsch, Kloetzel, Larkum, Lewin, Poulet, Rosenmund, Scharff, Schmitz, Shoichet, Schülke-Gerstenfeld, Tarabykin, Treier, Vida, Winter

F ⁞ Molecular neuropathology of ion channels and transporters

Coordinators: Plested, Schülke-Gerstenfeld
Principal Investigators: Brecht, Geiger, Grantyn, Haucke, Heinemann, Jentsch, Larkum, Lewin, Poulet, Rosenmund, Schmitz, Schroeder, Sigrist, Spahn, Vida

G ⁞ Plasticity

Coordinators: Heinz, Rosenmund
Principal Investigators: Birchemeier, Brecht, Eickholt, Flöel, Geiger, Grüters-Kieslich, Haucke, Haynes, Heinemann, Jentsch, Kloetzel, Kühn, Larkum, Otte, Poulet, Scharff, Schmitz, Schülke-Gerstenfeld, Shoichet, Sigrist, Spahn, Tarabykin, Treier, Vida, Winter