Berlin Science Week 2021- Christian Ebner

A Journey Through the Brain - Neuroscientists Explain Their Research in the Humboldt Lab

-What you always wanted to know about the brain.-

Are you interested in the latest findings in brain research? Do you have questions about the functions of the brain? Come and visit our research station at the Humboldt Lab. On four days during Berlin Science Week, scientists from the Cluster of Excellence NeuroCure will explain their research and answer your questions.

Afterwards, you are invited in a playful expedition into the control center of the human being. You will learn about the most important functions of the brain, the latest research methods and their applications.


This event will take place physically. If you would like to attend the event on-site, please register in advance:

Christian Ebner is a PhD student in the graduate program "Medical Neurosciences" at the Charité in Berlin. In the research group "Neuronal Plasticity" headed by Prof. Dr. Matthew Larkum, he is investigating the physiological properties of pyramidal cells of the cerebral cortex. 

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