CCO Networking Seminars 2020: Niccolò Pampaloni

CCO Networking Seminars 2020

Date: Tuesday, 11.02.2020, 12:15pm

Speaker: Niccolò Pampaloni

He will talk about slow AMPA receptors in hippocampal CA1 principal cells.

Chair: Magdalena Schacherl

Location: Paul Ehrlich Hörsaal (Virchowweg 4)

We are pleased to announce that the CCO now has its own Networking Seminar series every Wednesday.
You may wonder: what is the idea behind our seminars? Most importantly, we want to boost interactions and collaborations within (and beyond) CCO. Therefore, we have organized a bunch of different talks ranging from PIs who introduce their labs to methodological sessions. But of course, also the latest research within CCO and in Berlin will be a fundamental part of our seminar series.

You can find the complete seminar series plan for the next semester here

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