Girls' Day 2023

The Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience Berlin shows you how brain research works.

You will be introduced to what you can do as a brain researcher and neuroscientist, what you can study to become a brain researcher and who else is needed in a brain research lab, namely technical assistants and/or lab assistants. There will also be a focus on programming, as a tool for theoretical brain research, i.e. neuroscience coupled with math and physics.

Four to six students and doctoral candidates will tell you about their studies and professional life and also why they chose this and what is so cool about it. And of course you can ask many questions! Afterwards you can visit a lab in small groups.

The following labs and topics are available for selection:

  • Torben Ott, HU Berlin: Can rats play poker? What the intelligent behavior of rats teaches us about basic brain functions. (Now unfortunately fully booked)
  • Klaus Gramann, TU Berlin: A virtual reality setup will be shown and an electrocardiogram (ECG) recording will be performed.
  • Michael Brecht, HU Berlin: Various stations of an animal neuroscience laboratory will be shown.
  • Matthew Larkum, HU Berlin: EEG recording of your brain waves (alpha waves).
  • Stefan Hetzer, BCAN: An MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) scanner will be shown and how it works will be explained. A fruit will be scanned, the resulting images will be discussed and afterwards the fruit will be eaten together. (Now unfortunately fully booked)

Please register by email to: with your full name and grade level.

Location: Bernstein Center Berlin, Phillipstr. 13 House 6, 10115 Berlin

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