Journal Club for Diversity and Responsible Research and Innovation (DRIVERS).

On the first Monday of every month at 11:00 a.m, we will meet to critically discuss relevant literature on RRI and diversity, paying particular attention to how these topics intersect, and the role of research assessment and its reform. Our aim is to provide participants with a sound knowledge of RRI and diversity by engaging with relevant evidence and concepts.


Learning objectives
The aim is to provide all participants with well-founded concepts and relevant facts about RRI and diversity and to reflect on these in a practice-oriented way during the discussion.

Target audience
All interested parties, especially researchers and students at Charité, BIH and other higher education and research institutions.

Prerequisites for participation
The prerequisite for participation is that you have read the texts of the respective Journal Club event. Those who regularly participate in the Journal Club can receive a certificate of participation. Please contact us for further information. 

Course leaders
René Bernard (Cluster of Excellence NeuroCure, Value and Open Science)
Katharina Grauel (Einstein Center for Neurosciences, Career Development)
Fabian Hempel (BIH QUEST Center, Incentives and Responsible Research Assessment)
Karin Höhne (BIH, Equal Opportunity and Diversity)
Miriam Kip (BIH QUEST Center, Incentives and Responsible Research Assessment)
Kimberly Mason (Cluster of Excellence NeuroCure, Equal Opportunity and Diversity)



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