Working at the Charité

To help you get settled at the Charité, we have put together the following list of important things to do when you begin, along with answers to some frequently asked questions.

Signing Your Contract

On the day you sign your contract, please bring:

  • Completed personnel forms (these were sent to you electronically or via post)
  • Items requested on the personnel checklist
  • Certificates (eg birth or marriage certificates) must be either international certificates (English / French / German) or be accompanied by a certified translation into German.

The personnel department keeps copies of all documents and certificates. They must, however, see the originals. Please, therefore, bring originals to the contract signing, regardless of what language the original is in.

Visiting the NeuroCure Office

Please visit the NeuroCure office during your first day on campus to introduce yourself and get help with any open questions. If possible, please let us know in advance when you plan to come by.

Setting up Your Lab Infrastructure


To apply for an e-mail address, please fill out the appropriate form below. Non-Charité colleagues should send the form to the NeuroCure office for signature, and we will forward it to the IT department for processing.

For questions about e-mail setup, please contact Thomas Kahlert at the NeuroCure office .

Keys / transponders

To order keys and transponders (electronic keys), fill out the form “ Requirement Keys and Transponders ”, have the form signed by your group leader AND the NeuroCure office, and take the signed form to the key management office ('Schlüsselverwaltung') to pick up your keys personally.

For questions about keys and transponders, please contact Thomas Kahlert .


To apply for a telephone, fill out the form “ Telephone / Fax Request and Abmelden ” and send the completed form to the NeuroCure Office for signature and processing.
If you need a mobile Charité telephone (“DECT-Handy” for use only on the Charité Campuses Mitte and Virchow) please fill out page 2 of the above form and send it to Thomas Kahlert for processing.

Computers / IT

To connect a computer you are bringing with you (eg laptop):

1. Request an inventory number: Fill out the electronic form , and email it to Thomas Kahlert or Kimberly Mason for digital signature and processing.
3. The IT center will contact you to handle the rest.

To purchase or lease a computer via the Charité

Standard office computer :
1. Select model from “ Procurement PC and printer hardware ” on the Charité intranet and fill out the order form.
2. Contact Thomas Kahlert for further steps.
Non-standard computer :
1a. (Mac) Get a written offer from HSD Consult .
1b. (Non-standard, non-Mac) Get a written offer from the company that will provide the required hardware.
2. Write a justification for the non-standard purchase.
3. Contact Thomas Kahlert for further steps.
Technical questions or problems concerning computer, e-mail, internet connection, etc., should be directed to the Charité Help Desk at 450 575 444.

VPN network connection

You can access the Charité intranet and eBooks from your home computer or laptop if you are connected to the Charité server via VPN. To apply for a VPN connection , please fill out the online form “ VPN application external ” and send it to Thomas Kahlert for processing.


All laboratories must undergo a safety evaluation in accordance with local regulations. Especially relevant is the lab's use and storage of dangerous substances.
For information regarding hygiene / safety / emergency procedures specific to your   lab, please contact Antje Fortströer (450 539 016) within a week of your lab being operational.


For all matters concerning animal experiments, including application forms and guidelines, see or contact the Charité Animal Welfare Officers .


For personnel questions, including holiday time, sickness, staying home with a sick child, etc., as well as how to hire new employees, please contact   Claudia Kunze at the NeuroCure office .
Alex Grun will provide you with your personnel number after you have signed your contract. This number is required for many Charité forms and procedures.
Your Charité ID (Dienstausweis) will automatically be sent to you in the mail by the personnel department.

Finances / Purchasing

For all purchases, bills, reimbursements, project numbers (cost centers / internal orders), etc. please contact Claudia Kunze   at the NeuroCure office .
Note: Purchasing procedures can be complicated, so it is essential that someone from your group contact Stefanie Häusser as soon as possible for instructions and guidelines. Please do not order anything before doing this!

Charité Facility Management (CFM)

For services such as cleaning, security, electricity, transport, logistics, etc., please contact Charité Facility Management (CFM). [Nbsp] For repairs or emergencies, call the CFM hotline at 450 575 555.

Emergency Contacts

Police - Tel: 110
Fire Department - Tel: 112



Cafeteria Campus Klinik , CCM , Hufelandweg 12, 10117 Berlin, 7: 30-18: 00
Cafeteria HU Nord , Hannoversche Str. 7, 10115 Berlin, 10: 00-18: 00

Medical Library

The Charité Medical Library has branches on the Mitte (CCM), Virchow (CVK) and Benjamin Franklin (CBF) campuses. You can apply for a library card at any campus library with personal identification (ID card or passport) and your Berlin address registration (confirmation of registration).

Medical Museum

300 years of medical history are on display at the Berlin Museum of Medical History on the Charité Campus Mitte. Tours available on request.


There is a regular shuttle service for Charité employees and students between the Mitte and Virchow campuses.

Getting Settled in Berlin

The NeuroCure office can provide newcomers with helpful information on a range of topics from finding an apartment in Berlin, to getting a residence permit and registering your address, to arranging childcare. For more information, see German Authorities , Living in Berlin , Family , or contact Kimberly Mason at the NeuroCure office .